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    Top 5 Places I Ate Last Year by Andrew Zimmern

    March 2013 | Travel Channel

    What were some of the best dishes Andrew Zimmern ate in 2012 — and where did he enjoy them? From Charleston, SC, to California’s San Gabriel Valley, see the restaurants where Andrew ate his most memorable meals last year

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    Chef, Restaurateur Sean Brock

    March 2013 | by Forbes

    In his relatively short career, Charleston’s Sean Brock has become one of the most important chefs in the country. As executive chef and owner at both McCrady’s and Husk, the James Beard Award-winning chef is a leader in the movement to preserve and restore traditional Southern heirloom ingredients. The rural Virginia native grew up in […]

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    Food Porn

    03/26/13 | Vanity Fair

    Aw, Shucks Of Earl Long, the thundering former governor of Louisiana, critic A. J. Liebling once mused that “Southern political personalities, like sweet corn, travel badly. They lose flavor with every hundred yards away from the patch.” It’s the portability not of the politics but of the corn that Charlestonian restaurateur Sean Brock has made […]

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    03/26/13 |

    Chef Sean Brock shared a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos with Vanity Fair of his upcoming restaurant Husk Nashville. And this slideshow has everything: kitchen layout schematics, test runs of fried chicken, construction shots, and “hundreds and hundreds of jars” of pickled vegetables “in anticipation of the first Husk Nashville winter.”

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    Hot Grease – Episode 141 – The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

    03/25/13 | Hot Grease

    “That’s what’s so fun about living in Charleston- we have such a unique culture, and I’m still trying to figure it out!” [20:10]   “West Africa- that’s the foundation of Southern cuisine. Even the agricultural techniques reflect West African roots.” [25:30]   — Sean Brock on Hot Grease

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    Feast in the South

    03/24/13 | New York Times

    Mark Bittman and Sam Sifton travel to Charleston, S.C., and show you how to create a spring holiday dinner party — and make the process into a celebration itself.

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    Bourbon Mania!

    03/22/13 | Wall Street Journal

    A curious cocktail of scarcity, black-market machinations and artisanal cachet has made us woozy for Kentucky’s native spirit. But are these bottles really worth it?

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    Sean Brock’s Cornbread and More Recipes

    03/22/13 |

    NPRPlease do make this cornbread from Sean Brock’s Husk in Charleston, S.C.

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    03/21/13 |

    Charleston super chef Sean Brock is in town forHogs For The Cause, and Michael Friedman of Pizza Delicious wants the Husk/McCrady’s/James Beard Award winning chef to know there’s a pizza waiting for him in the Bywater.Friedman says a trip to McCrady’s inspired him to start cooking…click the pic to read why. [Twitter]

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    Lard And Schmaltz Make A Comeback In The Kitchen

    03/20/13 | NPR

    I grew up in the South, where every home cook I admired kept a can of bacon grease in the refrigerator. That grease was used to launch many fine dishes. One friend’s mother made biscuits with butter and bacon fat. Needless to say, I was a husky child. Now, after years in culinary exile, lard is […]

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    Sean Brock’s favorite Charleston restaurant; Sniffing olive oil and diagramming March Madness’ greatest moments

    03/20/13 | Hilton Head Island Packet

    In the new issue of Travel+Leisure, Sean Brock praises Charleston restaurant Two Boroughs Larder, saying the Coming Street eatery is his favorite place to eat in town.

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    James Beard 2013 Outstanding Chef Nominee Sean Brock: Brock Bites

    03/18/13 |

    It’s a big day for chef Sean Brock of McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston. Today he got word that he’s one of five nominees nationwide for the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Chef. And he’s the only Southern chef in this elite group (which includes his bro-friend David Chang of the NYC Momofuku empire).

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    03/18/13 | Outside Magazine

    The chef of McCrady’s and Husk in Charleston, South Carolina, shares an appetizer recipe that highlights some of his favorite southern ingredients

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    Husk: Sean Brock’s Buttermilk Biscuits

    March 2013 | Outside Magazine

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    Who will win the Beard Awards?

    03/18/13 | Nation's Restaurant News

    Congratulations to all the nominees of the James Beard Foundation Chef and Restaurant Awards, just over half of who are returning for another try after having been nominated last year.

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    SC Again Recognized for Culinary Excellence

    March 2013 | Crescent Magazine

    During today’s press luncheon at the historic Lowndes Grove Plantation in Charleston, James Beard Foundation president Susan Ungaro and JBF board chair Emily Luchetti announced the finalists for the 2013 James Beard Foundation Awards, the nation’s most prestigious recognition program honoring professionals in the culinary world—from restaurants and chefs to cookbook authors and media.

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    If pigs had wings

    March 2013 | Cook It Raw

    Looking back on my experience I must say that my trip to Japan was life changing. As chefs, we certainly have a specific level of respect for products, techniques and culture. I saw a different level of respect in Japan. Any time that you are able to have these sort of moments in life where […]

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    Eating & Drinking Out

    March 2013 | Charleston City Paper

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    March 2013 | Architectural Digest

    Coursed by palmetto-lined promenades and graced with some of America’s best-preserved historic architecture, Charleston, South Carolina, still bows to traditions—from Sunday suppers to sweet tea and pralines—while keeping up with the 21st century. The city is bursting with a cosmopolitan energy that is attracting once-strayed Southerners and a growing number of transplants who are shaking […]

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    03/18/13 |

    The finalists for the James Beard Awards 2013 (JBF) have been announced with a huge mix of diverse talent across America represented.

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    2013 James Beard Awards: Chefs and restaurants finalists

    03/18/13 | Eatocracy

    The 85th Academy Awards may have come and gone, but the James Beard Awards, better known as the “Oscars of the Food World,” are just getting started. Since 1990, the not-for-profit James Beard Foundation named after “the father of American cuisine,” has been honoring the outstanding names in the food and beverage industry.

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    Rx’s Doss among eight chefs remaining in Fire on the Dock dining competition

    03/11/13 | Port City Daily

    A native of Goldsboro, Doss moved to Wilmington in 1996, attending classes at UNCW and finding work in local restaurants. After deciding cuisine would be his career, Doss set out to learn from as many chefs as possible—among them, Sean Brock, a James Beard Award winner, at his restaurant Husk in Charleston, S.C.

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    Sean Brock on buckwheat

    03/09/13 | The Splendid Table

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    The Work of Chefs in the Age of Digital Reproduction

    03/06/13 | Bon Appetit

    It’s an odd thing, going to restaurants these days. The Internet Age has collided with the Foodie Revolution (yes, foodie) to create a world where dishes travel far from their restaurant homes, thanks to professional photobloggers and chefs embarking on the never-ending food-festival circuit. Nowhere was this more apparent than in Charleston, SC, last weekend. I […]

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    Meet the Official Young Guns Selection Committee

    03/05/13 |

    Good day, and welcome back to Eater Young Guns, our second annual roll call of the next guard. The public call for nominations continues untilMarch 15, but first, time to introduce the esteemed group of veteran chefs from around the country who, along with our local and national Eater editors, will choose this year’s class of Eater Young […]

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    What James Beard Nominees Did Last Night

    03/04/13 | Garden and Gun

    Yesterday morning, at Charleston’s Lowndes Grove Plantation, officials from the James Beard Foundation announced the nominees for this year’s James Beard Foundation Awards. Often described as the Oscars of the food world, the awards recognize chefs, food writers, restaurateurs, and other food and beverage professionals who are performing at the tops of their respective fields.

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    Here’s Sean Brock Eating a Lobster Roll after #CHSWFF

    03/04/13 |

    Is this is the image that best captures the spirit of Charleston Wine + Food? Perhaps. Last night, Husk and McCrady’s Chef Sean Brock tweeted this picture of himself, with the caption, “@EatTheOrdinary Thanx for am amazing meal. This is how you feel when u put the caviar service on the lobster roll !” One Holy City chef enjoying the caviar-topped […]

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    Chicken, Waffles, and Pimento Cheese: It’s Southern Hospitality, Charleston-Style

    03/04/13 | Bon Appetit

    We’re fresh off the plane from Charleston, SC, where we spent the better part of four days drinking, eating, and drinking some more with Sean Brock (a different level of drinking, you see) during the BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival. We’ll have more coverage of sights and scenes from the festival throughout the week, but […]

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    Day 2: A Turn on Floor with Cider and Barbecue

    03/03/13 | Richmond Magazine

    Festival-goers in Charleston are unashamed to stride through the streets (blocks and blocks from the Culinary Village in Marion Square) with harnassed wine glasses around their necks that bounce against their all-access passes. Groups of young blond women in boots pound the narrow sidewalks intent on the next event, blowing individual walkers (me) into the […]

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    Food Programme – US Southern Cooking and Chef Sean Brock

    03/03/13 | BBC Radio

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    Beef tongue and tom-yum-goong at Salute to Chefs

    03/01/13 | Charleston City Paper

    Charleston’s hottest restaurants were missing their star chefs Thursday night, because they were all at the Aquarium. It was the site of the Salute to Chefs, the official kickoff to the Wine + Food Festival. Chefs like Michelle Weaver, Sean Brock, and Jeremiah Bacon flexed their culinary muscles with inventive small plates like Tom-yum-goong with […]

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