HERITAGE by Chef Sean Brock available now from Artisan Books

Chef Sean Brock’s drive to preserve and reinterpret America’s heritage foods has sparked a national obsession. In Chef Brock’s much-anticipated first cookbook, this James Beard Award-winning chef presents all of the sublime dishes that have made him one of our country’s most acclaimed chefs.

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“Sean Brock is a national treasure, at once leading the charge to define new Southern cooking while carefully being one of the leading preservationists of true traditional, soulful Lowcountry flavors and techniques. His approach to the intersection of the old and the new is nothing short of MacArthur Prize–worthy and, most important, the recipes are deliciously easy to make, nearly intuitive poems to the very earth itself. This book instantly redefines the bridge between the ancient and the innovative and is nothing short of a gift of the magi.”
~ Mario Batali
“Sean’s food is inspiring, enlightening, and so damn delicious! In Heritage, he shows you the essence of who he is and why he has paved the way to putting the Lowcountry on the map.”
~ April Bloomfield, chef and author of
A Girl and Her Pig
“This is the real thing. An honest book. A koan to Southern peoples and places. A humble roster of recipes, recollections, and farmer mash notes, from a country-boy-made-good. You’re in the hands of a master.”
~ John T. Edge, Director of
The Southern Foodways Alliance
“Reading through this book is rather like eating barbeque and drinking beer with Sean Brock; you know you’re in a good place.”
~ Fergus Henderson, chef and author of
The Complete Nose to Tail
“Sean Brock has redefined what American food is. Heritage celebrates the narrative of Lowcountry cooking, and tells a story that continues to inspire.”
~ David Chang, chef/owner, Momofuku
“This captivating book reveals Sean’s unique brilliance for merging the essence of the past with the promise of the future. This is an electrifying work and to read it is to witness the advent of a new era in American cooking.”
~ Frank Stitt, chef/owner and author of
Frank Stitt’s Southern Table
“Few chefs of today produce food in their restaurants that is this deeply connected to where they are located at the same time as it mirrors themself so precisely. Heritage is fantastic reading!"
~ Magnus Nilsson, Fäviken
“Sean Brock is one of the most important chefs in America. In looking back at the roots of our cuisine, while always also looking forward, he’s changing the face of American food in wonderful ways. Heritage will thrill, surprise, and delight as readers discover what a rich, glorious, and delicious culinary history we once had—and, thanks to chefs like Sean, will surely have again. He is an absolutely transformative figure. His food manages to amaze without ever being pretentious or inaccessible. You, too, can cook this stuff. And you should.”
~ Anthony Bourdain
“Brock resurrects lost flavors and varieties, and—since he’s a modernist as well—reinvigorates them with his own delicious style of cooking. Sean Brock is more than just a chef, and this is more than just a cookbook. It will leave you not only enriched, but enlightened.”
~ Dan Barber, chef and author of The Third Plate: Field Notes on the Future of Food
“Few chefs express the soul of their culture through their cooking as well as Sean. This book is a joyful, radiant vision of the South, seen through the lens of history and illu­minated by his imagination. The recipes and stories are a delicious reminder of the pleasure to be found in good ingredients, honest cooking, and staying close to home.”
~ Daniel Patterson, chef and author of Coi
“Sean Brock has the ability to take a deep understanding of the American South’s culinary history and express it in a way that is unmistakably personal, forward-thinking, and brilliant. Heritage is a must-read.”
~ René Redzepi, chef/owner, Noma
“Sean is a passionate and true culinary voice, spreading the gospel and raising the awareness of great American regional cooking. You don’t have to be from the South to experience the authentic tastes, flavors, and stories of this book.”
~ David Kinch, chef and author of Manresa: An Edible Reflection



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