The entire island chain is blanketed by rich volcanic soils. Production began back in the Age of Exploration in the 15th when Madeira was a main port for ships heading to the New World. In the 1720‚Äôs Madeiran ships began to regularly set sail for Charleston and other major Eastern US ports, as the importation of wine was of great importance to the colonists as no wine quality grapes were grown. It was the drink of choice for the Elite and wealthy Southern plantation owners. This fortified wine is noted for its unique winemaking process which involves heating the wine up to temperatures as high as 140 ¬įF for an extended period of time and deliberately exposing the wine to some levels of oxidation. Due to this unique process, Madeira is a very robust wine that can be quite long lived even after being opened.

Rare Wine Company, Sercial (Dry), ‚ÄúCharleston‚ÄĚ……..$11
Strong acidity and nutty flavors.

Rare Wine Company, Rainwater (Medium Dry), ‚ÄúBaltimore‚ÄĚ……..$11

Mostly dry, pale color, delicate texture and flavor,  80% Verdelho, 20% Tinta Negra Mole

Rare Wine Company, Verdelho (Off Dry), ‚ÄúSavannah‚ÄĚ……..$11
Lightly sweet with an orange zest and buttery shortbread finish.

Rare Wine Company, Bual (Medium Sweet),‚ÄúBoston‚ÄĚ……..$11
Moderately sweet with notes of dried figs, walnuts and maple syrup.



The traditional Southern bubbles. Only 100 years ago, more cider was consumed in this country than beer . Prohibition devastated the industry and many orchards were cut down and replaced. We are on a mission to reintroduce quality cider from Southern artisan producers who are dedicated to the craft of cider production. We are seeking out those that use Heirloom bitter cider apples and produce pre prohibition style dry ciders

Blue Bee, Harrison, Richmond, Virginia (8.5% ABV)               13/59

Harrison cider apples were considered lost until it was recovered in Livingston, New Jersey at an old cider mill in September 1976.

Argus, Perennial 2013, Austin, Texas (6.7% ABV)        13/59

Jonathan, Red and Golden Delicious, Melrose, and Spygold apples from Berryville, Arkansas, aged in French and American oak barrels

Windy Hill Orchard, Ginger Gold, York, South Carolina (6% ABV)                  10/40

Estate grown Stayman Winesap apples infused with fresh ginger

Blue Bee, Harvest Ration, Richmond, Virginia 375ml (18%% ABV) 11(2oz)        /69

Dessert cider made from bittersweet apples


Dessert Wine

Blue Bee Cider, Harvest Ration, Richmond, VA   15

Dr. Loosen, Riesling, Beerenauslese DE 2013   18

Sablette, Sauternes, Bordeaux, FR 2012   15

Baumard, Coteaux du Layon,  FR  1998   14


Cordero, Chinato,  Barolo, Piedmont, IT   17

Niepoort, Tawny Port, PT   13


Charleston and rum date back to the founding of the colony. It was the back-bone of beverage consumption in the Holy City and with a bit of fresh water, drank by men, women and children alike.

Angostura 1824,Trinidad & Tobago   15

Gosling’s Black Seal, Bermuda   8

Gosling’s Family Reserve ‚ÄėOld Rum‚Äô Bermuda¬† ¬†28

Mount Gay Amber, Barbados   8

Mount Gay 1703, Barbados   34

Plantation Pineapple ‚ÄėStiggins‚Äô Fancy,‚Äô Caribbean¬† ¬†12

Plantation 20th Anniversary, Barbados   12

Rhum Barbancourt, Haiti   18

Ron Zacapa Centenario ‚ÄėSolera Gran Reserva,‚Äô Guatemala¬† ¬†15

Ron Zacapa XO, Guatemala   43

Red Harbor, Charlestown, South Carolina   12

Smith & Cross, ‘Navy Strength,’¬† Jamaica¬† ¬†8


Laird’s Applejack, Scobeyville, NJ¬† ¬†9

Laird’s Straight Apple Brandy, Va./NJ   11

Copper & Kings, Butchertown, KY   10

Germain Robin, Ukiah, CA   13

Boulard VSOP, Calvados, France   16

Delord, 25 year, Bas Armagnac, France   26


Averna   9

Cardamaro   9

Fernet Branca   8

High Wire Southern Amaro   10

Montenegro   9

Nonino Quintessentia   13

Nardini   12


Liqueurs & Cordials

Frangelico   9

Grand Marnier   9 

Godiva Chocolate   8 

Kahlua   8 

Romana Sambuca   9 

Romana Sambuca Black   9 

Six & Twenty Carolina Cream   9 



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