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Abundant Seafood

Charleston, SC

Established in 2007, wholesaler of fish and seafood.

Mark, a 30 some-odd year fishing veteran, specializes in keeping fresh, sustainable caught local seafood. He has a long resume of working closely with government to improve the health of the resources and the viability of the industry.

Mark’s boat is named the Amy Marie and he fishes 50-60 miles offshore (just inside the Gulf Stream where the current is too swift to bottom fish) and anywhere off the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

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Ambrose Farms

Wadmalaw Island, SC

135 Acre family owned farm run by son Sam and Pete, his father, who has grown up in Charleston making a living on the earth and has been a farmer since 1976.

Ambrose Farms is one of Charleston’s area favorite You-pick farms featuring a wide variety of herbs and produce from asparagus to watermelon. 

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Anson Mills

Columbia, SC

Anson Mills is proud to provide America’s finest chefs with fresh native stone-ground organic ingredients. We cold mill all ingredients to order, chill vac pac them immediately, and ship them same day.

Established in 1998 the company produces Hand- made mill goods from organic heirloom grains.

Glenn Roberts is a Charleston based historic restoration consultant and 30 year veteran of restaurant and hotel concept design and devoted artisan of milled goods.

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Bentons’s Country Hams

Madisonville, TN

Hams and Bacon-dry curing process.  Slow cured using salt, brown sugar and sodium nitrate. Typically aged 9-10 months.

Business started in 1947 by the late Albert H. Hicks, a dairy farmer who began curing and selling country ham.  Allan Benton took over the business in 1973.

Hams are available either un-smoked or hickory and applewood smoked.

Uses certified organic Berkshire hogs from small farmers that are raised on pastures.

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Blackbird Farms

Hendersonville, NC

Family owned and operated farm since1933 that consists of two 4 acre organic fields, and one 10 acre conventional field.

We strive to produce top quality organic and conventional herbs and produce with an emphasis on using as many natural farming methods possible.

They specialize in heirloom tomatoes but grow a little of everything, from Arugula to Zucchini.

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Bourbon Barrel Foods

Louisville, KY

They take standard condiments and age them in bourbon casks, the result:  extra-smoky sauces and spices that add a hint of booze.

A maker of gourmet food is a maker of gourmet food products that reflect the rich heritage of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country, “The Napa Valley of the Bluegrass”

To make quality gourmet sauces and seasonings by adhering to a three-word philosophy:  slow, small, and simple.

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Dirthugger Farms

Charleston, SC

In June 2009, she decided to muster all of her energy and courage into starting a farm on James Island from scratch and to record the process to share with others. After 9 months of diligent research and planning, Dirthugger Farm broke ground in March and just completed its first season of producing beautiful heirloom vegetables, flowers and herbs.  Since June 2009, Meg has attended the 2010 Organic Growers School, the 2010 CFSA Conference on scholarship, the 2010 Hops Growers Workshop, received a certificate in Food Safety and GAP Certification Training, and this past July, graduated from the SC New and Beginning Farmers Program on scholarship out of Clemson.

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Edwards Virginia Traditions

Surry, VA

3rd Generation cure-master offering Berkshire Hog products raised completely outdoors on independent family farms.

The hams are named Surryano hams and are the American counterpart to European hams and prosciutto.

The hams are Dry-cured and hickory smoked for 7 days

Aged more than 400 days

Made from the rare six spotted Berkshire Pig.

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Filli-West Farms

Vance, SC

Started in May 2009 – raising Pastured Broilers and Turkeys, Stewing Hens and Eggs.

All natural process of raising in traveling hen houses and no hormones or antibiotics used.

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Fishing Creek Creamery

Chester, SC

Started raising goats in 2009 after Dave discovered he had an allergy to cow milk.  We tried soy and almond milk but it just wasn’t as satisfying as traditional cow milk.  Finally we learned of a local farmer who produced raw goat milk and decided to give it a try.  We loved it!  After many visits with the farmer we decided to try raising dairy goats ourselves.  We soon acquired a herd of 5 goats and a few months later they had babies and we had delicious, fresh goat milk.  It didn’t take long before we had more milk than we could drink, so Melinda learned how to make cheese.

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Geechie Boy Market and Mill

Edisto, SC

Geechie Boy Mill may be best known for grits (they grow their own corn, grind their grits with antique machinery but corn is far from the only thing the Edisto Island farmer harvests. On the 2.5 acres adjacent to their market, Johnsman grows a host of vegetables that he sells directly to the Lowcountry’s best restaurants. Just down the road, he and his wife tend another 20 acres of squash and tomatoes.

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Grow Food Carolina

Charleston, SC

Grow Food Carolina was establish in April of 2010 with the help of Sara Clow and the Coastal Conservation League. Their mission is help link local farmers to local and regional markets by providing adequate infrastructure and coordination so that fresh produce can move seamlessly from local farmers’ land to consumers’ hands. The League purchased an abandoned warehouse building in Charleston with the intention of performing these local distribution functions.

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JQ Dickinson Salt Works

Malden, WV

Seventh-generation salt-makers; one could say salt-making runs in their blood.  They have returned to their family’s 200-year-old farm to harvest a rare salt from deep below the majestic Appalachian mountains of West Virginia.

Our salt making is a unique and innovative process, completed by hand without the use of big machinery and chemicals.  We work to enhance the natural properties of the salt, using the power of the earth and hand-made tools to produce an extraordinarily pure product.

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Joseph Fields Farm

John's Island, SC

50 acre family farm, Joseph is a 3rd generation farmer. Jams and in-season fruits and vegetables available May-August locally grown and organic. Grows specialty and heirloom products for several chefs.

Fields Farm was one of the first to become certified organic and persuaded other farmers not only to switch fields from soy and corn to fruits and vegetables but to also try organic practices.

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Keegan-Filion Farms

Walterboro, SC

50 acre farm for Free-Range chicken, turkey, pork and beef. Pastured pork and poultry, grass fed beef. Hormone free, antibiotic free, no animal by-products

Chickens raised year round for eggs and meat, turkeys raised for the holiday season. Hogs are the Tamworth Breed. Originally brought to the U.S. from Europe in the 1800’s and considered a heritage breed and is no longer raised by the commercial hog industry.

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Kennerty Farms

Wadmalaw Island, SC

Dan is a 6th generation farmer. A 30 acre small farm since 1981. This farm carries asparagus, heirloom tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. There are bees on the farm for honey. His specialty is potatoes, and the potatoes are of different colors: red, blue, yellow and pink and maintain their color when they are cooked.

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Kurios Farms

Moncks Corner, SC

Growers of hydroponic tomatoes, buttercrunch bib lettuce, European burpless cucumbers, basil and black cherry tomatoes from October to July.

The growing season is different from outdoor farming as it begins in November and ends in July.  The alternative growing season works well for restaurants.

Entirely hydroponic greenhouse growing 1,440 dirtless plants that climb on wire trellises.

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Lowland Farms

Johns Island, SC

At Lowland Farms, we practice organic and sustainable farming methods.  We do not use any synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  We just started farming this land and hope to attain organic certification in three years.  We use organically certified seed as well as heirloom varieties of seed.  We also utilize a crop rotation and cover crops, working to rebuild the soil so we can farm not just this year, but for many years to come.

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Manchester Farms

Columbia, SC

Bill Odom is a Clemson graduate in Poultry Science.

The farm is the oldest and most respected, and largest producer of farm raised quail in the U.S.

No Antibiotics or growth hormones. Breed of Quail are Pharaoh or Coturnix

This species is naturally disease resistant than wild bird species allowing them to use no antibiotics.

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Mepkin Abbey

Monck's Corner, SC

White Oyster Mushrooms grown and may be purchased through Piggly Wiggly grocery stores. However, dried oyster mushroom products are available on the Abbey’s website or in the gift shop.

A community of Roman Catholic Trappist Monks established in 1949 on the site of the historic Mepkin Plantation located on the Cooper River.

The fungi grows on 5 foot high columns, stuffed with recycled straw and implanted with spores.

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Olive and Sinclair

Nashville, TN

They provide paramount bean-to-bar chocolate making. Slow-roasted and stone ground in small batches, select single origin beans are combined with pure brown sugar for a smooth and robust flavor unique to Southern Artisan Chocolate. Our combination of traditional methods, modern European technique and classic southern flavors make O&S the new old fashioned-chocolate.

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Oliver Farms

Pitts, GA

The oil business came about from an idea several years ago when fuel prices soared and the American economy faltered. There was a lot of talk about alternative fuel sources. That sparked an interest in an area that I knew very little about. Clay provides us with toasted benne oil, green peanut oil and pecan oil which are used as finishing oils, salad dressings and occasionally as the main component in various hummus and spreads that we make

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Owl’s Nest Plantation

Cross, SC

This farm is a Certified Naturally Grown Farm and full service organic and natural food purveyor serving the general public, restaurants, retail and wholesale accounts.  Many of the items that they sell grow directly on the farm or are procured from other farmers in the local area.

David acquired 30 acres and currently 12 acres are under cultivation of which 95% of the fruits and vegetables that are grown are of heirloom varieties.

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Texas Olive Ranch

Carrizo Springs, TX

100% Pure Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives.

The ranch grows Arbequina and Arbosana trees from Spain and Koroneiki trees from Greece.

The arbequina variety was developed in Spain and is suitable for growing in the sandy loam (mixture of clay and sand) soil of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, the climate is similar to southern Spain.

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